President/CEO, Charles “Champ” Walker Jr., founder of Bright Ideas” has been an entrepreneur since the age 18 where he started his first store while in college. His communication and business skills have enabled him to operate, invest and partner with major corporations and start-ups ranging from $250,000 dollars  to $16 billion dollars. He has raised capital for marketing firms, record labels, clothing labels, authors, publishers, pharmaceutical companies, industrial supply vendors, design studio’s, telecommunication companies and many, many more businesses. Whether you are a start up or you are looking for the right firm to connect the dots, Champ Walker has designed the perfect company for you.

 In 2002 Charles Champ Walker was a congressional nominee and was selected as one of the nations young emerging 100 leaders. He has operated one of the largest minority owned staffing firms in the southeast and served as President and C.O.O. of the Walker Group, a family owned company that has holdings in the publishing, construction, restaurant and staffing  industries. After a successful tenure at the Walker Group, he founded Crestech an IT Staffing and telecommunications firm and First Choice Supply an industrial parts distributor. At CEO and President of First Choice, Mr. Walker led the company from 250,000 to a $150,000,000 million dollar contract with a waste water concern..  In addition, Mr. Walker was President of Romar Entertainment and Senior Vice President / Marketing and Business Development of Romar Studios - the largest minority owned apparel manufacturer in the United States with over $100 million dollars in revenue.

Mr. Walker is considered a visionary, has extensive experience in growing companies and oversees several companies. Currently, he serves in various capacities. He is CEO of Greenhood Industries LLC, an Environmental Management company, managing partner of  King and Walker Publishing LLC, Author of the book Prep 101: The Battle for Class and Social Rank and Status, Chairman of AFI, Inc,  Holding company for his apparel license business, board member of Silver Star Capital, a Venture Capital firm based in New York and partner in  Pro Sports team. As CEO of Bright Ideas he provides direction to business developers who raise money for startups and existing firms, as well as, provide idea consulting for business development and growth.  He has started and advised several companies, individuals, and developed slogans and ideas that have received international exposure. He has a natural talent for linking ideas investors and people. He  has been responsible for landing over $1 billion dollars in contracts.

Mr. Walker has a unique talent in marketing slogans and concepts and ideas. He is responsible for the nationally renowned Don't Vote, Don't Complain campaign, created the slogan that captivated major retail stores "We Don't Play Polo." And brought back the popular boycott term "Don't Pay to be Disrespected." He is a popular talk show host on "the Other Side of the Story" which airs weekdays Monday through Friday on WKZK 1600 AM.  In addition, he has received a prestigious marketing award for creating a mainstream commercial marketing Kia, a low price vehicle, to the hip hop market. Sales grew by 70% percent within two weeks times.

AFI, Aristocratic Fashion International, Inc., has holdings in the Paris Walker III Collection of multicultural preppy garb and Dap Rugget.  Mr. Walker has used his experience in the apparel industry to create this newly formed company to serve as a one-stop design, manufacturing and creative marketing firm - the only one of its kind.  In addition, as a minority owned company in the Apparel Industry and with Mr. Walker's reputation in the entertainment fashion and political world, the company has attracted celebrity driven labels, which will greatly increase the success of AFI and its Investors.

Mr. Walker has developed or have worked extensively to raise capital for, create concepts or landed deals for the foremost major accounts such as NASCAR, Motown's (Hidden Dreams collection) Ryan Kenny, Rowdy, Lisa Raye, Zen, Coca Cola, Dap Rugget (part owner) Gaina Luca (Jagged Edge's clothing label), Kelis Rogers (Cakemaker) collection, Eclectic and many other celebrities and fortune five hundred entities. While at Romar Mr. Walker grew the employee base by 50% percent and set up the only full service manufacturing, marketing/creative and entertainment firm in the U

 Mr. Walker is founder and Chairman of the JBMF James Brown Music Festival. The first annual JBMF was held on May 26-28th 2006 in Augusta, Georgia. Mr. James Brown gave Mr. Walker the rights to conduct the Festival in his honor and granted him rights to use his likeness and image for an unlimited period of time.

Mr. Walker also created the new tagline "We Feel Good" which was approved unanimously by the Augusta-Richmond County, GA's Board of Commissioners on July 26th, 2005.  He captured the Soul of the city and its greatest attributes being a thriving medical community that is known for its renowned research and saving lives, the Godfather's song "I Feel Good," representing Augusta music and quality of life, and the great recreational activities such as Golf, canal tours and southern hospitality that make people "Feel Good."

Some facts about Paris Walker III

  • Paris Walker (formerly Heritage by Paris Walker) has been sold to 13 major apparel stores chains throughout (25) twenty five states such as Macy's, Rich's Nordstrom, Jacobson's, J.B. Whites, Mercantile Stores, Belk's, Dillard's, Chess King, Abraham & Strauss and many others.
  • Mr. Walker  was dubbed "Hilfiger in the hood" and the "black Ralph Lauren."
  • Paris Walker was the first and only multi ethnic traditional sportswear line in the market to compete against companies such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica.
  • Paris Walker owns the slogan "We Don't Play Polo" which sent shockwaves throughout the fashion industry and caught the attention of Ralph Lauren label to the point where they called Macy's Harold square, and asked them to take Paris Walker out of Federated stores. Federated corporate refused to stop selling Paris Walker because they saw the enormous potential.
  • Paris Walker (currently named Paris Walker III) has been redefined and will be re-launched in 2009 featuring select garments including blazers, ascots, polo and woven shirts with the ethnic motifs.  Garments will be sold exclusively on line and at select boutiques




“We believe ideas make money, money does not make ideas. Bright Ideas sheds light on good ideas to enable a company to see a profitable future. By that same token, we believe good companies make money; money does not make a good company. It’s the people. It’s the intellectual Capital.”

         Champ Walker



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