Business Development and Lobbying

Bright Ideas Business Development division hasd been responsible for $1 billion dollars of procurement for our clients. Bright Ideas is founded upon a simple business principle - Ideas and services must be matched with the proper resources and opportunities. We have developed a unique one-stop resource, which mobilizes our vast network of consultants needed by both the private and public sectors. We are proactive and results oriented.

Let us build relationships for you today!


 1. To operate with the highest ethical standards.

2. Expedite our responses and be proactive in addressing all requests.

3. Utilize innovative techniques and state of the art technology to maximize and
increase effectiveness.

4. Plan and develop a method that disseminates information in an effective way.

5. Provide the most professional execution and facilitation of meetings with decision makers.

6. Deliver the BEST results possible.

 Bright Ideas Business Development and Lobbying Team have intellectual capital, management skills, and relationships with corporations and governmental entities. We seek opportunities and provide access for our clients to present their ideas, products or services to the appropriate department, division or person whom may be looking for increase efficiency through new technology, vendors and products to reduce costs to meet their financial objectives.

Today most corporations and governmental entities are outsourcing or forming private/public partnerships to increase efficiency. Small and minority companies are partnering with larger companies to leverage resources such as industry experience, customer base, contacts, capital and even personnel. This rapidly increasing highly effective outsourcing technique is called strategic alliances.

 Capital Brokerage

Bright Ideas Capital Brokerage was developed to assist our clients in finding investors through various capital resources such as: Venture Capital; Capital Brokerage Networks; Angel Investors; Brokers; Intermediates; and Government Loans/Grants. In a world of ideas, products and services plentiful capital opportunities are being missed every second of the day due to lack of information. Entrepreneur’s knowledge of contacts, established relationships and capital availability (intellectual and financial) is essential for their growth and success.

 Bright Ideas Capital Brokers consists of Lawyers, Accountants, Savvy Entrepreneurs, Investment Advisors, and Investors. The experiences of these bright professionals combined with their industry training and established contacts will serve as your matchmakers, guiding you through the process of finding funding sources, alternative financing and strategic partners for your product or service.

 Bright Ideas’ Capital Brokers are unique, diversified, creative and entrepreneurs themselves.  They share the common belief that information is power and power breed’s money and contacts. They are very meticulous but innovative in their approach to raising capital and understand the nature of investors and what they are looking for.

Most investors spend less than 1 to 5 minutes reviewing business plans. Some company’s review over 20,000 plans a year and only fund 1% percent of all projects.

  “Everybody has good ideas, but you need Bright Ideas so that an investor can see the light.”

 Capital Brokerage Services

• Seed funds for starting a business (intellectual property ideas or products)

• Business plan development (web business plans) 

• Business plan review and analysis with feedback 

• Grant writing (no less than 250,000 dollars) 

• Idea Consultation, generation and implementation

• Match-Making Services (make the capital connections on-line and off-line)

• Referral Services (provide a list of capital resources)

• Access to Accountants and Lawyers in your industry

• Negotiate and structure deals

• Public/ Private offerings and other types of offering IPO, Mergers and  
   Acquisitions,  Analysis and Valuations

 • Strategic Alliances, Alternative Financing, Strategic Alliance, Customer Financing,
   Co-Branding, Licensing and Joint Venturing

 • Access to Angels, Archangels, Corporate Angels and Angel Networks 

 • Access to investment bankers (minority firms included)

• Private business sales

• Strategic planning

• Financial management and profitability improvement









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