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Bright Ideas Consulting Inc (BIC), under its Bright Green ideas (BGI) division has developed a private public partnership that consults with organizations on how to increase profitability and efficiency while becoming a better environmental and socially responsible steward. Organizations are restructuring their business models to become sustainable to increase profits and reduce their carbon footprint making them Green and responsible. At the same time, our nation is undergoing an environmental make-over and has invested over $780 billion dollars to rebuild our dilapidating infrastructure and Green our communities by creating renewable energy sources. As a result of grassroots activist and the government intervention America is READY to “Go Green”- in fact it has made the first down payment- the largest single investment in history. Armed with research and wounded by dependence on foreign resources and lack of common sense environmental policies at home, the most critical agent of change, the government has turned the corner and thus the culture of organizations are rapidly conforming. As such BGI has developed a business platform that will help create sustainable businesses that are Socially and Environmentally Responsible, but more importantly Inclusive.-meaning in compliance with the “Social Imperative” to lift poor people out of poverty as described in the American Recovery  and  Recovery Investment Act (ARRA).



 The Green Economy Diversity Initiative  (GEDI) teams with BGI Staff and consists of Bright minded professionals that have over 50 years of expertise in the areas of: Environmental and business sustainability, procurement, business development, Silver Rights, organizational management, entrepreneurial training and public policy and affairs. As a natural extension of GEDI’s mission, the partnership has a unique and unparallel perspective and insight that has enabled the organization to become pioneers and innovators of unique procurement solutions and green business practices for (sustainable) GMB Green Minority Businesses. This term is called Green Supplier Diversity. In addition, GEDI has partnered with BGI to certify Green enterprises and minority Businesses under BGI’ Certified Green Minority Business Program (CGMB) and the Certified Green Business Enterprise Program (CGBE)


BGI can help your organization by:


Teaching the principles of triple bottom line (people, planet and profit)


Develop an “integrated bottom line model that combines profitability, environmental awareness and social responsibility, without risking operational effectiveness,


BGI training will show your organization how to implement policies and procedures that will reduce, reuse and recycle as well as implement a whole-systems approach




Training procurement staff and supplier diversity officers



This approach enables you to increase your organization’s core business values. Using resources more productively and operating in ways that are restorative of people and the planet can deliver increased profitability and greater competitive advantage in your industries. We teach you how to make Green makes sense for everyone.

Employees are a key component in ensuring that a company achieves its environmental goals. It is critical that they are educated as Green is a term has many different connotations and environmentalism is a concept that many know little about.

Green Supply Diversity and Awareness training provides for a live speaker for your staff and associates. They will provide knowledge about the importance of team work, how each employee can become change agent and how implementing policies alone will not change behavior.


Training and Awareness


Bright Green Ideas (BGI) offers training and events that drive measurable improvements in awareness and competencies related to the planning and implementation of organizational sustainability initiatives. BGI will also custom-design a training and awareness program to help you meet your organizational goals and objectives. Listed below are brief descriptions of our training programs to help you find the right fit for your organization.


BGI also offers consulting services in the following areas:



Alternative Financing

Alternative Fuel

Business Consulting

Business Plan Writing

Business Development


CGMB Certified Green Minority Business

CGBE Certified Green Business Enterprise


Commercial buildings

Community Economic Development

Corporate Social Responsibility

Eco Products Evaluations and Testing

Energy Consulting

Energy Audits and Analysis

Energy Lighting retrofitting



Green Health and Beauty

Green Marketing and Promotions

Green Real Estate Development

Green Supply Diversity

Green and Olive Grant Writing

Green Minority Business Participation

Green Investing

Green Technology


Hydro Power

HVAC Technology



Organic Food

Sustainability Leadership

Real Estate


Risk Management




Waste disposal and Reduction

Wind Farming






Web Hosting Companies