Specialty Marketing Products and Services


Bright Ideas professional profile consist of a powerhouse of consultants who have created either ideas, products or designs that has achieved overwhelming success in both national and international markets. More importantly, these bright individuals have learned some valuable lessons about good ideas and Bright Ideas. These creators, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and artist all have found one thing in common, and they are willing to share it and help others to see a bright future.  In the last seven (7) years the emergence of the Cultural Revolution has prompted ethnic groups to study their history and preserve their past. This is more than evident by the success of thousands of ideas and products that have an ethnic or specialty market appeal.  From giant corporate entities, such as JC Penny to Quaker Oats, all of them are tapping into the tremendous ethnic buying power by catering their existing products as well as new ones toward the market they have been overlooking. Ralph Lauren purchased FUBU the multimillion-dollar Minority Clothing Company. FUBU stands “For Us, By Us.” From ethnic dolls to soul food, canned goods, to B.E.T., the Browning of America is more a reality than a dream. Corporations who are behind in their development and marketing approach have and will continue to suffer great financial loss.


Bright Ideas has designed a Nationwide Referral Service or 411 directory assistance

platform. This virtual messaging will connect consumers and corporations with small and

minority business. The R2R Tracking system will track callers/consumers of 411 and pay

rewards, give discounts and collect data on callers spending habits and patterns.

Yellowmouth, a licensed property of Bright Ideas, and was presented to SCLC, NAACP, Rainbow Push Coalition as a part of “The New Black Economy” known as NBE, Inc. ETI Empowerment Telecommunications Inc. is a merger between the Black 411 and Yellowmouth MDA (Minority Directory Assistance) and was designed to enhance previous economic plans to empower the Minority Business Community and redirect black spending through a One-Stop Shop Network. In essence ETI, Inc provides an economic development component similar to Bright Ideas consulting; However, it is focused on the minority race and depends on the participation from the Civil Rights, Religious, Political and Minority Business Community to become successful.

Product Development



1. People respond to things (statements and products) that are effective of their own


2. The more people can relate to a statement or product the more comfortable they are in

purchasing the item.

3. for every item sold there is an ethnic or specialty market that is being overlooked.

Remember people respond to things that are reflective of their own self-image (Therefore, people create things in their own image also.)

Our Bright Ideas cater to all people but includes the ones who have been overlooked or left out. That’s the difference between a “Bright Idea” and a “Good Idea“.




Successful Specialty Marketing

1. Reflect self-image (Bright Niche). Cater your product to a culture’s lifestyle.

2. Make a Broad Statement, that crosses race barriers.

3. Make a Broad Product. That can be bought by all cultures.

4. Combine unique Image, Statement, and Quality Product = Niche


We are confident that we can provide the services you need. Providing these services will

produce positive results in financial and business performance for your organization or

company. We will strive to position you effectively in your target markets by providing

qualitative measures for outreach services while delivering an image of professionalism.


Develop public relations strategies

We will direct publicity programs to assure that your mission and goals are conveyed

throughout your target markets. We offer you our expertise in crisis management and

image development. We will devise methods and procedures, including telephone,

personal or mail surveys, to develop your public relations strategies.


Effective strategic planning

Your company deserves a strategic plan that makes sense. Together we will build a

plan that can be well communicated to improve your bottom line. Our goal is to

create an environment were the best ideas come forward.


Extensive marketing

We develop the right combination for your product, pricing, promotion, and

placement strategies to maintain target market satisfaction. We work with you to

assure that you are meeting the demands of your target market by developing

effective corporate and/or product identities.


Premier event planning services

As your event planners we will design, organize, and coordinate; seminars, meetings,

conventions, etc. We will make arrangements for all participants including

accommodations, transportation, facilities, catering, signage, displays, equipment,

printing and security. We will also establish and monitor budgets to support these


Other Services

(Business plan review, valuations, deals structuring sales etc.)

Prices will be Quoted once
proper documentation has been reviewed and approved. A deposit will be required upon acceptance. Because of the large volume of requests for funding offers, we will provide a reasonable turn around time to save your company valuable time and money.

Prices and Fee Structures 

Business development services

Monthly retainer and percentage of sales Provide sales, contacts and referrals to companies, individuals or government organizations to buy products partner/ joint venture or invest in your company.

Lobby services

Monthly retainer and percentage of acquisition

Matchmaking/Referral Services

Small Minority Business Monthly fee or flat fee, and percentage of sales, deal or capital secured.  Provide information and physical sales via Internet, cold calls and established contacts in your particular industry.

Personal Consultation fee (Initial)…………..………………………… $250

Start-up Business………….…………………………………………… $250

Established Business….….. …………………………………………… $500

Bright Ideas charges $50 per hour, minimum of (5) five hours unless other wised agreed upon. Monthly retainer fees, Flat fee for Business Development Services, Percentage of investment, ownership or stock options

 All matchmaking and referral services are available to clients of Business development, lobbying and Capital Brokerage Services. Bright Ideas (BIC) reserves the right to alter its pricing structure and fees based upon the complexity of the organization.


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